Marking the end of a four-year partnership

Thanks to the generous support of the Australian Government, the 40K Foundation has improved access to quality English literacy education for thousands of children in both India and Cambodia.

Last month marked the end of the 40K Foundation’s partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) InnovationXchange. From the time we won the Google Impact Challenge ‘Technology Against Poverty Prize’ in 2017, and continuing through the MIT Solve ‘Workforce of the Future’ challenge, the Australian Government has so graciously stood by us, helping us to chart a path forward and bringing us to where we are today.

Reflecting on the dynamic four-year partnership, 40K Group CEO, Swetha Prakash said:

“The 40K family is immensely grateful for the constant support and guidance we have received from the Australian Government. It has been a collaboration in the truest sense; one based on mutual respect, a strong desire to make a difference, and an unwavering commitment to solve complex problems together.”

Thank you to the Australian Government and to all of the team at DFAT for your generous support!

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