Celebrating International Literacy Day

Taking place annually around the world, International Literacy Day shines a light on the importance of literacy as a human right. It calls for increased efforts in the advancement of the literacy agenda towards a more literate, equitable and sustainable society.

Under this year’s theme “Literacy for a human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide”, the 40K family got together to help raise awareness of the importance of accessible literacy education and digital learning opportunities for all.

Unfortunately, amid the COVID19 crisis, the rapid shift to online learning has magnified the inequalities in access to meaningful literacy learning opportunities in many regions across the globe. It has been a reminder of the critical importance of inclusive, technology-enabled learning that leaves no-one behind.

At 40K, we are proud to play a part in empowering children in under-served, under-resourced communities across India, Cambodia and beyond, and continue our commitment towards the important mission—narrowing the digital divide.

Please join us in wishing our students, and all children across the globe, a happy International Literacy Day!

The 40K Foundation is a registered charitable organisation. Your donations will help us to advance our mission in providing meaningful English literacy education and digital learning opportunities to children in low-resource communities.

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