PLUS English valued highly by communities

PLUS English teacher training in Cambodia
PLUS English teacher training being undertaken in Cambodia.

From May through to August of this year, an evaluation of our flagship PLUS English program was conducted in Cambodia. Contracted by DT Global and led by Ian Jones and Bun Khim, the evaluation drew on extensive field research and consultation with our key stakeholders in Cambodia, including parents, teachers, school principals and decision-makers within the Department of Education. We are delighted to report that the feedback provided by our stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive!

All stakeholders were united in their belief that English language education and the PLUS English program were valuable to children’s general education. English language education was seen to improve children’s future prospects and academic outcomes, while also providing opportunities to connect and engage with foreigners. 

Meanwhile, the PLUS English program reportedly reduced students’ boredom in class, retained their interest in learning English, and increased their skills and confidence. It was also reported that the program improved the capacity of teachers to use technology to support learning, and to reduce the workload of teachers and principals through the ease of tracking students’ progress in English. 

PLUS English was valued so highly by teachers and principals in particular, that 100% of those interviewed recommend uptake of the program by other schools.

The evaluation also examined the affordability of our program in Cambodia. Currently, families are asked to contribute towards their child’s PLUS English participation, helping to keep program costs low while also promoting greater responsibility and accountability for children’s education.  

The vast majority of parents reported being prepared to pay at least 20% more than they currently do for their child to participate in the program. This suggests that the current cost is very affordable for families in the rural communities we serve.

We will be publishing a detailed summary of key findings on our blog in the new year. Be sure to keep an eye out if you’re interested in understanding how communities in Cambodia have responded to PLUS English in their schools.

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