Our mission is to make quality English literacy education & digital learning accessible for children in low-resource environments.

How do we do it?

Through our flagship PLUS English program and pedagogy.

PLUS English is a scalable, non-internet dependent technological and pedagogical innovation that has given thousands of children the opportunity to access better education and employment opportunities.

The 40K difference

Our team of education and technology experts designed the PLUS English program and pedagogy to address the particular needs of children in low-resource environments, which other existing solutions to English language learning cannot (or do not) meet.

Not dependent on the internet

PLUS English is able to reach children in rural and remote schools with unstable or non-existent internet connectivity. These children are typically excluded from the many online English language learning programs currently available.

Builds capacity of local teachers

PLUS English builds the English teaching capacity of local teachers in rural schools, which often have great difficulty attracting qualified English teachers. This allows us to enhance local school systems rather than existing in competition with them.

Delivered in local schools

PLUS English can be delivered in schools and during school hours. We can therefore reach children who are unable to engage in English language education privately after school because they are expected to work outside of school hours to contribute to household incomes.

Affordable for families in poverty

At less than US$1 per month, per child, PLUS English is affordable even for families in the lowest household income quadrant. This ensures we can reach children in impoverished households who are normally excluded from other more costly English language learning programs.

Our impact, so far…


students reached

Through our PLUS English and other programs, we have to date accelerated the English language learning outcomes of around 21,000 children in low-resource communities.


teachers trained

We have also trained and supported over 300 local teachers, improving their capacity to teach English and to use technology to support student learning.


acceleration of outcomes

Baseline tests show a 26% acceleration of learning outcomes among PLUS English participants relative to control groups over the course of just 8 months.

“Technology will never usurp face-to-face learning; but technology in the hands of a student, as a learning aide, can do wonders for children, particularly in rural and restricted environments in developing countries where the quality of teaching is not what we would wish it to be.”

Swetha, CEO, 40K Group

Help us open the doors to change

To carry out our work in low-resource communities across Asia (and eventually beyond!) we rely on a mix of philanthropic and program partnerships, public donations and small contributions from local schools and families. We are grateful to have had the support of these incredible organisations over recent years:

Interested in bringing the benefits of English literacy education & digital learning to your community?

The team at 40K are always looking for ways to expand our reach and impact. We welcome discussions and collaborations with mission-aligned organisations working in developing country contexts. After all, we can achieve so much more together than we can in isolation.

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