Other projects

COVID-19 temporary learning solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges for 40K. With PLUS English delivered in schools and communities now facing continue intermittent lockdowns and closures, our team is having to think quickly and creatively to ensure students can continue to access English literacy education at home. 

We created a series of audio files that students can access through a parent’s phone without internet. We also partnered with the Cambodian Ministry for Education, Youth and Sports to develop an English language podcast channel, accessed by over 10,000 students across Cambodia.

Now, we are working tirelessly to develop a light version of the PLUS English program which will also be accessible on a phone and, like the current version of the program, in offline environments.

Future projects

It is our vision to extend the PLUS platform beyond English language to include other learning content, such as mathematics, fundamental sciences and employability skills. Our goal is for PLUS to become a unified platform for effectively delivering a suite of learning solutions to low-resource communities. This will help to address deficiencies in local school systems, ensuring equal access to quality education for children who would otherwise be left behind.