PLUS English

A hybrid pedagogy: the best of both worlds

PLUS English is, of course, more than just a learning app. It is also a way of teaching and learning English that is proven to maximise student engagement and accelerate learning outcomes.

PLUS English leverages our flagship learning app to supplement and improve the existing approach to English literacy skills education, without diluting the magic that happens in person. It incorporates a pedagogy that embraces the teacher-student relationship and group learning practices.

The hybrid classroom format allows for a more engaging and vibrant learning environment while also helping to overcome that gaps in teaching quality that are characteristic of low-resource environments.


The PLUS English learning app does not replace the teacher. Instead, the technology enhances existing teaching practices and increases teachers’ capacity to provide differentiated, student-centred instruction.

Non-digital learning

Digital lessons are complimented by peer group activities and non-digital learning materials, including flashcards and workbooks. This ensures all learning preferences and styles are catered to.

Teacher training

Teachers (or other community members) undergo intensive training prior, equipping them with all the skills and knowledge required to facilitate the program in classrooms or other peer group setting.

Classroom support

To ensure a holistic, uninterrupted learning experience, the local 40K team provides classrooms (or other peer group setting) with tailored, ongoing pedagogical and tech support.