PLUS English

A non-internet dependent English literacy program for children

PLUS English is a technology-enhanced English literacy program designed specifically for children in low-resources communities, and particularly those who are first-generation English learners.

It brings together high-quality learning material, teacher/facilitator training and support, and data-driven interventions delivered through a platform that can work in offline environments and on low-cost android devices.

A blended approach:

Combines teacher-led, technology-driven and student-centred instruction to create multiple learning pathways for children.

Inclusive & accessible:

Adaptable to mixed-level and under-resourced classrooms or groups of any size, and customisable to to local cultural and learning contexts.

Cooperative learning:

Incorporates fun and interactive peer group learning activities to create a vibrant, collaborative learning environment.

Individual scaffolding:

Offers multi-layered assessments that help teachers to identify and support the specific learning needs of students.

Progressive structure:

Modules are progressively structured, starting at the absolute beginner level up to pre-intermediate level (CEFRL A2) with a focus on everyday English.

The learning app

At the heart of PLUS English is our flagship learning app. The non-internet dependent app follows a global curriculum, or it can be customised to align with local curriculums and state textbooks.

The hybrid pedagogy

PLUS English is, of course, more than just a learning app. It is also a way of teaching and learning English that is proven to maximise student engagement and accelerate learning outcomes.