Scaling our program

Globally scalable, locally relevant

The PLUS platform has been designed to be scalable across continents while remaining relevant to local learning and cultural contexts. This will also be true for any future programs we aim to develop.

In every decision we make as a team, we embed the following scale fundamentals:

Barriers to education are universal to low-resource communities in developing countries

Our understanding of these barriers was formed in India. Yet, when we started scoping out rural Cambodia as a second market for launch, we learnt that the issues are essentially the same: poor internet connectivity, entrenched poverty, under-qualified teaching staff, and under-resourced classrooms. By validating our hypothesis in a second country, it increases our confidence that the same barriers exist in other developing countries around the world.

Our innovative platform allows us to change everything

The key elements of the PLUS English program are designed to scale. Our learning app is a platform that can be readily customised to suit: 

  • different geographical and cultural needs,
  • different subjects and curriculums, and
  • different user types.

This allows us to launch the PLUS English program, and any future program, anywhere in the world.

Our technology works in restricted environments

We have mindfully built our technology to work both online and offline using low-cost tablets. Unlike strictly online platforms or desktop applications, our technology is not dependent on internet connectivity nor on stable electrical supply. It is also much more affordable. This ensures the program can reach anyone in the world, not just the fortunate few.

We can build different models for different markets

In India, our model involves the delivery of PLUS English in small community-based learning centres, with local women from the village trained to facilitate the program. In Cambodia, PLUS English is delivered through government schools, with training provided for government school teachers. By building or adapting delivery models for different markets, we can ensure the program is relevant and effective under any conditions.